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essay writing servicepaper writing onlineNeurosteer’s technology measures cognitive load, emotional response, stress and executive functions, as well as level of consciousness and anesthesia. It is used in a wide spectrum of subjects, including nonresponsive or minimally conscious, traumatic brain injury, and mild cognitive impairment patients. Clinical Trial Companion Neurosteer provides the first ever miniature, easy-to-use and continuous neurological monitor. While improving medical intervention, this disruptive technology also provides neurological biomarkers. This helps pharmaceutical companies introduce new neurological and psychiatric drugs to the market, and streamline drug development and discovery. It enables better and less expensive patient screening and the continuous monitoring of patients throughout the study, addressing various compliance issues. It can accelerate “research-to-cure” time and improve patient condition characterization, leading to more personalized medicine, which will improve study accuracy and accelerate regulatory approval. Continuous monitoring of minimally conscious and anesthetized patients Patients who have lost consciousness due to brain trauma, or are sedated during surgery, or as part of treatment, may experience life threatening reactions that could further damage the brain. These include post trauma epilepsy, increased intracranial pressure, and repeated ischemic events. Continuous brain monitoring and real-time alerts are crucial to reducing secondary damage. In anesthesia, it is important to maintain sufficient unconsciousness to reduce pain, while maintaining the right balance to reduce potential damage.  Disorders of Consciousness Companion Patients  on the Disorders of Consciousness spectrum may experience episodes of greater responsiveness. Optimized intervention requires continuous assessment and characterization of the degree of responsiveness, and precision brain stimulation for maximal brain response. This improves intervention, as caregivers receive alerts about the degree of responsiveness following treatment. Real-time response indication allows therapists to understand the results of types and timing of stimulation, and adjust protocols for essay

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